Halloween WOD

600m run

10 synchro push ups
10 synchro squats
10 synchro squats

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 5
timecap 40min
100 bench press 80/55
300 synchro air squats
*one does bench press, 3 do air squats, 1 rests
*rotate as needed

200 deadlifts 80/55
200 synchro push ups
*one does deadlifts, 3 do push ups, 1 rests
*rotate as needed

300 thruster 20/15
100 synchro burpees
*one does thruster, 3 do burpees, 1 rests
*rotate as needed

6min rest, then

Metcon (Distance)
40min row / ski for total distance
*change partner on the rower every 4min
every 4min, the rest of the team has to complete:
20m plate push 20/15
30 t2b
40 strict press 20/15
*rotate as needed
*work all stations at the same time
*1 row/ski, 3 work, 1 rests