8x 20/10sec (4each)
burpee on&over medball
medball cossack squat

8x 20/10sec
medball ground to overhead
medball narrow squat

Basic Strength
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
5x 6min work, 3min rest
*work in teams of two
*all barbell movements with slow excentric
I. 12 push press
20 hollow rocks w/ 2xkb

II. 12 zercher squats
20 hollow rocks w/ 1xkb (10each side)

III. 12 bent over supinated row
15 side raises each side

IV. 12 romanian dl
10 ring body saw

V. amrap 9
*with sandbag or dball
100m bear hug carry
15 ground over shoulder
15 db/sandbag squats