Open Gym

Bench press
Max reps @80%

40 air squats
30 pistols
20 jumping squats
10 jumping lunges

In teams of 2
Max cal ski erg in 40min
At min 0;10;20;30 start:
I. 3x 15 t2b + 10 dL 100/70
II. 3x 9 bmu + 9 burpee box over
III. 21-15-9 db snatch 30/22.5 + pistols
IV. 30-20-10 reps each air squat + 200m run after each round (wear a weight vest for this one)
*you can chose which partner does which workout, but during the workout you cannot help each other. In the remaining time, you can switch on the erg as needed.